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    Holistic Development
    of Villages

    Village Development

    Holistic development of Villages

    This is the key intervention in realising the dream of holistic development of a village. Ekal operates in remote villages, not in the proximity of big cities, hence there is a need for economic connectivity to ensure livelihood opportunities in local areas to promote the same Ekal has different interventions and some of the key interventions are:-


    Gramothan Resource Centre


    Skill Development Centres


    Integrated Village Development

    Gramothan Resource Centre

    The idea of GRC is based on the principle of cluster led development. Ekal has GRC’s which are set up in the centre of a cluster of 100 villages and works as resource centre for Rural communities.

    Located at the center of 100 villages

    Provides a variety of market aligned Skill Development Training programs including IT, Apparel and Sustainable Farming and Food Processing Market Linkages to Local and Farm Produce

    Market linkages to sell products to premium markets

    Focused on making the GRC self-sustaining

    Income generation programs for Farmers

    Skill Development Centres

    These centres are setup beyond GRC’s to provide Skills among rural youth and women to make them empowered with employability to earn their livelihood. These centres have two categories, one having facilities for multi skills in sectors like IT-ITES, Apparel, Agri and other relevant skills needed in the local area and the second one is tailoring centres set up in villages to train rural young women to set up small unit in their respective village and earn their livelihood.

    Three-month programs on different skills including a dedicated program on Apparel for tailoring centres

    Hub-and-spoke model – Multi Skill Centres are developed which works as HUB centres for small SPOC centres

    Women are encouraged to open boutiques after going through training

    Candidates can earn up to Rs. 10,000 per month

    Candidates are also encouraged to form Self-help group and facilitation is done by Ekal wherein market linkages are established with the help of GRCs

    Integrated Village Development

    This initiative is for promoting integrated village development beyond GRC catchment areas integrated with Ekal Vidyalaya network. Some areas are identified to ensure each Ekal project should be operational in that particular area to have an impact over a cluster of villages. Following projects are undertaken in these areas to have integrated Village Development.

    Ekal Vidyalaya (K-3) Augmented with E-Shiksha - Literacy and Digital Literacy

    Fivefold Ekal model of Education

    Skill Development Centres

    Tailoring Training Centres for Women

    Poshan Vatika - Provide fruit trees and vegetables seedlings to households so that required nutrition can be ensured for the family

    Work with farmers to improve agricultural outputs and income