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    Child Education at the Doorstep

    Child Education

    One Teacher School Concept

    Ekal approach to Child education is based on one teacher school concept to ensure Child Education at the doorstep. This one Teacher school is known as Ekal Vidyalaya which cater literacy skills including numeric, science and language. Ekal Vidyalaya is not only for providing education to children but also to ensure holistic development of the child and village through its fivefold intervention. The five elements of Ekal intervention are Education, Health, Awareness, Development, Values and Ethics.

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    The Vidyalaya is meant for children from 6 years to 14 years age group

    The idea is to accelerate the process of learning among children who lacks access to quality education in early days of their life

    Ekal Pedagogy is based on the principle of activity-based learning where kids are motivated to involve in different activities and learn by themselves

    Story telling is used as a tool to promote the understanding of culture, nature, history, value system and ethics